31 Dec 2018

New Year, New Me

On December 13th I removed the Facebook app from my phone, I can tell you the date because that was the last time I posted anything on the God-forsaken place. Since that day I have been happier and far more creative as I have removed the main source of distraction/irritation. I am bored of constantly refreshing my feed, seeing the same gripes and moans over and over and generally feeling shackled to what is nothing more than a shitter version of what AOL used to be. 

I'm not deleting or deactivating my account and I still have messenger as a means to keep in touch with loved ones but I sure as fuck won't be posting there 24/7. 

So what will I be doing? 

Well, there is this blog/site or whatever this place is or turns out to be. The current plan is waffles like this, gig reviews, interviews with local poets and bands (hit me up Y'all) short stories, poems, spoken word bits, whatever takes my fancy really and I'm not hampering myself to posting every day or every other day or anything like that, I'll post when I have something I want to air. 

Then there is Twitter and Instagram and Youtube

Yeah Youtube where I'll be posting stuff about Pickled Eggs and crisps...

What it won't be is on Facebook* or at least not posted by me anyways (feel free to share anything you like) 

Happy New Year


*(bar this one time to let Y'all know where I have gone and what I'm doing)

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