16 Jan 2019

Trawling Social Media in the Dark

My black dog used to be a wolf
I tried to run and hide
It was never quite enough
The wolf was always faster
Always smarter
It never gave up the hunt
We all get tired from hiding
Even if it's from ourselves
You can only run so far
Before you have to stop
So I stood my ground and beat it down
I made the wolf turn tail and run
While I may have won the battle
I still have the scars from getting caught
The war is far from over
It's always threatening to start
Now the wolf is just a puppy
But its teeth are razor sharp
And it always hungry
It's so very, very hungry

Before I even opened my eyes
I knew how today was going to go
I knew it's going to be painful
Every time is exactly the same
Yet I still go back for more
Sometimes I just need to see her face
To see if she is happy
One of us deserves to be
I'll always pick her over me
She's got her mother's smile
She's got her father's eyes
My brown eyed girl
The exact same shade as mine
She's been to Paris
She's learnt to drive
She's got a puppy of her own
Mine is so very hungry
So I let it feast upon my bones

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