17 Jun 2019

2555 Days

June 2nd 2012
England Vs Belgium 
At Wembley
85,000 people all singing as one
Not a sell-out, but close enough
You can’t beat a home game on a hot summers night
Can you?
Ten yards out on the 35th minute
Danny Welbeck chips the keeper
The ball floats
Slow motion into the back of the net
The crowd goes wild
I wasn’t there
I didn’t watch it on the telly
These words don’t  really mean a thing to me
I don’t even like football
I hate it
My lad does though
He’s football crazy
He’s football mad
I took him to his first game
Birmingham vs Chelsea
20th of November 2010
Blues won 1-0
Lee Bowyer scored in the 17th minute
You could see us on Match of the day
Celebrating behind the goal
Hugging and cheering
He’s a Hereford fan these days
Goes to all the games
Home and away
I’ve not seen my children in 2555 days
I still keep an eye on the scores
Just in case

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