31 Jul 2019

We Are 138 #2 - If

Turning quickly blood buzzing white noise ears wanting to orientate struggling against deafening oceans wanting to shale mountains to shingle shore nothing like this ever nothing like this EVER had been perceived conceived by all the cogitations of all the messiahs and mentats algebraic reasoning’s as x was no longer why because this no longer balanced the divide held the sky above and solid sweet earth below kept out there out there and in here in here as had always been as long as he could remember and long before he was a concept for those who now where only memories for him all with the same picture in the same frame conjoined clones rigid rail on which all was hung in identical format in Einsteinian regularity without shade or shimmer dun undaring until a question arose


Ian Davies poets paints musics and photographs. Books = 4 (all on Amazon) Music = 10 CDs worth of folky stuff and a couple of proggy electronic offerings.

30 Jul 2019

We Are 138 #1 - Beryl

She’d always been there, the matriarch who never stood for any of our nonsense. Six kids, none of them what you could ever call good as gold. All of them went on to have kids of their own, their kids have had kids and their kids are having kids. So we’re a big family, four generations all leading back to her.
The family would descend on her for Saturday lunch, the house a hive of activity. She’d sit smiling in the corner, not saying anything unless it needed to be said, that was her way. Blunt and to the point. You always knew where you stood.

She’s gone now and the cracks are already starting to form. The family is losing its way, we’ve all lost our centre. Someone needs to say something, blunt and to the point.

James Josiah is an author, editor, poet and daydreamer. He started the mildly successful Lost Haiku project and has three novels out that people seem to like: - C90, Days of Madness and Stay Happy. All available on Kindle and in paperback.

We Are 138 #0 - The Rules

1: Your piece must be exactly one hundred and thirty-eight words long
2: Word count will be verified using google docs
3: The editor’s word is final
4: You can write whatever you want about anything you want, your imagination is the only limit
5: Title and bio are not included in the word count.
6: Bio is limited to a strict two line maximum so plug away!
7: No plagiarism
8: No libel
9: Apostrophised words i.e. “it’s” count as one word
10: Numbers are one word unless typed out i.e. 69 is one, Sixty Nine is two.
11: Hyphenated words count as one but don’t take the piss
12: Portmanteaus are allowed and count as one word but don’t take the piss
13: Don’t take the piss
14: Brevity is the soul of wit

We Are 138 #65 - Level Crossing

Red lights started blinking to the accompaniment of warning sounds. Advertisement barriers blocked the road on both sides of a level crossi...