30 Jul 2019

We Are 138 #0 - The Rules

1: Your piece must be exactly one hundred and thirty-eight words long
2: Word count will be verified using google docs
3: The editor’s word is final
4: You can write whatever you want about anything you want, your imagination is the only limit
5: Title and bio are not included in the word count.
6: Bio is limited to a strict two line maximum so plug away!
7: No plagiarism
8: No libel
9: Apostrophised words i.e. “it’s” count as one word
10: Numbers are one word unless typed out i.e. 69 is one, Sixty Nine is two.
11: Hyphenated words count as one but don’t take the piss
12: Portmanteaus are allowed and count as one word but don’t take the piss
13: Don’t take the piss
14: Brevity is the soul of wit

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