30 Jul 2019

We Are 138 #1 - Beryl

She’d always been there, the matriarch who never stood for any of our nonsense. Six kids, none of them what you could ever call good as gold. All of them went on to have kids of their own, their kids have had kids and their kids are having kids. So we’re a big family, four generations all leading back to her.
The family would descend on her for Saturday lunch, the house a hive of activity. She’d sit smiling in the corner, not saying anything unless it needed to be said, that was her way. Blunt and to the point. You always knew where you stood.

She’s gone now and the cracks are already starting to form. The family is losing its way, we’ve all lost our centre. Someone needs to say something, blunt and to the point.

James Josiah is an author, editor, poet and daydreamer. He started the mildly successful Lost Haiku project and has three novels out that people seem to like: - C90, Days of Madness and Stay Happy. All available on Kindle and in paperback.

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