10 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #13 - Re: tuesday

That lass I once went out with who turned up in Razzle Reader's Wive's went on to become a tattooist. Actually that’s not strictly true, we never had a relationship per se, we just drank in the same nightclub and had a nasty habit of finding each other when we were both hammered at 01:30 and having a drunken snog and fumble.
Saturday nights out would always start with “dude, your lass has turned up” off my mates, I’d spend 10 minutes vehemently renouncing any intention to repeat last week’s actions, I suspect she was having similar conversations with her mates. Then 01:30 would roll around and we’d be snogging in the corner again.
Anyway its all a moot point, she was a fucking awful tattooist. She specialised in doing cross-eyed pictures of people's pitbulls on their shoulderblade

@safeasfuck is a middle-aged Welsh hippie who can rarely say hello in less than 3000 words. Nobody is more surprised by the brevity of this tale than the author himself

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