17 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #17 - A Wife's Choice

Hello dear, how do you feel now? I bought you some soup in a flask –
The doctor said what the problem was? Possibly gastro? Good -
No, dear, not good for you, of course.
Sorry I'm late visiting but Roger was sick –
Yes, dear, I know you think I think more of the cat than you.
Anyway, he was in that herb patch of her at number 32 –
Well, she calls it a herb patch but I know the police would be very interested in it, if they were called, and anyway I saw Roger chewing on one of those plants and sure enough he was violently sick after -
Yes, rather like you were after dinner –
Just half an hour after you kicked Roger, yes –
Yes, exactly the same symptoms –
I do hope that soup went down well dear –

Jon Hartless’ latest novel, Rise of the Petrol Queen, will be released in late August and is a sequel to 2017’s Full Throttle, a steampunk motor racing adventure examining the gulf between the powerful and the dispossessed.

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