20 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #21 - Arcana Victoriana: A tale from an alternative London.

Fletcher ran. If he could just make it to The Rookery he would be safe…

Behind him came Ugly Tom, who stopped at the edge of the slums. Knowing that most of his fellows refused to enter, he stepped into the darkness, his red eyes gleaming.

He hadn’t gotten far when he was challenged. A pair of labourers, with rough clothes and rougher manners blocked his path.

“Your kind ain’t welcome here.” said the first. “So…”

Tom interrupted him, clubbing each to the floor with a huge green fist.

“My kind will go wherever we want to.” he growled.


Fletcher had only gone as far as the first boozer. He cowered as Tom’s massive body blocked the doorway.

“But you… you’re a…”

“That’s right.” grinned the orc, showing his badge. “I’m a policeman. And you are under arrest.”

By Shaun Lewis. Teacher, role-player and occasional story-writer

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