26 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #22 - Falling Apart

There is nothing else I can say
About tomorrow or yesterday
That could take the pain away
Or make either of us want to suffer more and stay 

So why not begin from scratch?
Because stories would boring if we just stuck to facts.
But I suppose when emotions are involved even those might not match.

We thought it was solid, but now looking back, I am pretty sure if we wanted, we could point out the cracks beneath the skin.
Under a foundation that we grew up being told was founded in sin.

In media and dreams,
The kind of love found in songs and on screens.
All internalised and romanticised on other ends of a spectrum, before we saw the fucked up consequences through our families and how it would damage and affect them.

And us...

@Rudebrowndude leaves short poems on stickers around Birmingham and the Black Country. If you want to read more short poetry based around life, love, stress and setbacks check him out on Instagram.

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