29 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #23 - Happy After

It had quickly become every morning that my radio alarm was waking me with this one song about a man lucky in love until his belle died of cancer… ‘and a very good morning to all our listeners’. I retuned to a classical music station – more cheerful, but failing to wake me up. Brass Band FM, anyone?

But the miserable ditty was still in my head. I needed it gone.

Replacing bad memories with agreeable – albeit fabricated – ones can make one feel better and, with songs, a parody may be long remembered, the original forgotten.

A demo couplet plus refrain came quickly. I considered doing the whole song, but this much was evil enough:

On the day the soldiers came
With Kalashnikovs and blew out her brains
Well, Bitch had it coming

Well, I lived happily after that!

David Wilkinson, raised in Greater London but now living in Yorkshire, has taken to dabbling in music and literature to welcome his second childhood. If he ever left his first.

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