1 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #7 - Awaken

I don’t know how I got here. I’m not even sure where here is. But it’s warm, blood warm. There’s a humidity here and my body sweats. I feel sick, feverish. The walls are soft, like scarred flesh. It yields to the touch. I’m worried if I push too hard it’ll break. I’m not sure if it’ll bleed or some sort of pus will emerge. Either way, I’m not sure if my mind could take it. I’m hoping, begging that this is a dream, but my arms are showing painful welts from where I’ve been pinching myself. The floor under my bare feet is similar to the walls, but callused, more solid. It’s springy underfoot, clammy to the touch. I stand with difficulty, it’s hard to balance. I hear a harsh, guttural noise close by. Panicked, I turn…

Dan Oram is an author and performance poet. He has recently published his novella ‘Confessions of a Renfield’ on Amazon and can be reached on Facebook @Dan Oram - Author

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