2 Aug 2019

We Are 138 #8 - Our Friend

Has a strange concept of respect does our friend
Confusing it with muscles, intimidation and bags sold and all the little bits of violence that never get old
Well not for him, fancies himself as a Black Country Reggie Kray will be rich and famous one day
Will, of course, make his mark on history by sitting in the pub regurgitating Daily Mail headlines off his tits on vodka shots
Prison sentences don’t put him off, they're worn like a badge to brag and show off to all the hangers on and the sycophants
Staggering home, he falls over three times, eats a kebab and smashes a window
Then he slumps in front of the telly and wakes up from his nightmare reality
Clarity decides that his whole life is a huge fucking lie so he, sobs, cries

Matt Humphries is a writer, promoter and joker from Walsall, he enjoys trying to be creative from disturbing memories as a way of making sense of them. He lives with his wife, a plant pot called Milly and memories of his stolen Vespa, Molly.

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