2 Sept 2019

We Are 138 #25 - Love and Marriage

The table was laid elegantly with silver on a greying cloth. The tarnish turned the silver into gold, but it didn’t matter.
She was dressed in a peacock gown, her grey hair falling from pinned curls. The dress had stayed neat as she moved less.
All of the food was speckling with black, the rats becoming bothersome. One flashed past her even now, emboldened by the stench.
She gazed down the length of the table, where behind the low candles he was propped, gently decaying. Tiny beetles moving in and out of his eyes made it appear he was winking at her. He used to wink at the doxies, she thought, all that time ago. There was a worm in his mouth now, and she smiled, for even in death, life bloomed.

She raised her glass. ‘Happy anniversary.’

Carolyn Ward is a writer living near Wolverhampton, working on her first novel. She is inspired by Lego, gin, and a good vanilla ice cream.

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