11 Sept 2019

We Are 138 #28 Virtuosity at Paganini’s

The beat dropped and the crowd erupted. Bodies writhed, arms pumped and hands twisted to each heavenly hook. Blissed out faces sought paradise, unfocused eyes seeing more than their dark surroundings.

As one, each and every one a slave to the pulse of the throbbing bassline.

In the pulpit with deft hands and a keen ear, the DJ worked his decks, adding loops, fading the pitch, juggling the tracks to birth something new, something glorious, something wicked.

With a shadowy smile, he lowered the bassline step by step and the crowd responded, sweat soaked bodies cavorting to a hellish beat. Everything forgotten except the music, that so sweet music which enthralled their souls down to a deeper plane of consciousness, from which they would never want to leave.

And above them all, the DJ grinned, his fiddle forgotten.

By Day Stu Orford is a mild-mannered office worker, by night a mild-mannered writer with grand illusions of getting rid of the day part. His Debut, Gorig Cross, is available on amazon.

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