16 Sept 2019

We Are 138 #29 - Clone In Law

Rough, that first breath - your torso's barely left virtual. A fitful gasp, it fuels a silent scream.
Anatomical print complete, I stumble from an unfamiliar Dias, cordoned off from an equally unfamiliar teleport hub.
I'm not alone.
Her crimson sash denotes senior legal rank. Handing me a water bulb she asks, “Where did you expect to be?”
“Mars... Tharsis Dome, close to the Mons, but we're in Luna gravity.“
“That we are, Officer Ramus.”
“I'm in some kind of trouble?”
She sits me down on the Dias steps. “Murdered... at Tharsis."
I mouth wordlessly.
"You've agreements to sign to inherit your job, your life. Your family agreed, so...”
I'm scratching my head - been getting threats, but this? "Have you caught them yet?”
“We’ve someone on it, the best we have.”
Her honour smiles. “Well, we do now.”

Daysman regularly contributes flash fiction to www.sffchronicles.com writing challenges.

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  1. *applause*
    but I want to know more... reminds me so much of the stories I devoured as a child :)


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