18 Sept 2019

We Are 138 #30 - Lonely

He in the grey suit and red tie carries his briefcase onto a packed tube. He nestles in. The door slides closed, and he is pressed against it by a fleshy mass of rush-hour commuters. People tut, shake heads and roll their eyes at the bag at his side, until he is forced to put it on the ground and pinch it between his legs.

He awkwardly shuffles on the balls of his feet until he is facing the crowd. Earbuds buzz, keys click, somebody coughs. Nobody talks. He thinks – this is why I’m here.
He glances around – finds a man in torn paint-stained work trousers and Reebok tee reading a newspaper. He has dirt and dead print on his hands.
The suited man reaches out, touches the builder’s hair.
The builder frowns - lonely no more.

David Rogers ( @PressEnthusiast) is the author of three novels - Somewhat Damaged, Ache and Snares - and is also the managing editor of Enthusiastic Press. He is currently working on an anthology of poetry and prose, comprised of over 40 new writers, which will be released on 01/011/19. 

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