25 Sept 2019

We Are 138 #33 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Once the human race had accepted the latest prophecy predicting Armageddon was accurate, everyone got on with it. There were wild parties, reckless debauchery and a number of violent encounters, most notably in the House of Commons. Delegates from every religious faction including Jedi gathered at the International Convention Centre in Jerusalem for open talks. After thirty-six minutes of debate, they agreed on two unifying truths. They'd been lied too by their respective God’s and they were all fucked.

Lucas spent his final moments waiting for Marianne, his wife, to return home so they could enjoy their final moments together. After all, it was written into their matrimonial vows that they’d be together until death do us part. Unfortunately, Marianne was always late and ended up falling foul of the apocalypse on the M25. Lucas was not amused.

Paul B. Morris is a writer of dark poetry, bizarre and unpleasant horror fiction, on a more positive note he can talk to unicorns. His current releases include Dark Dreams Never Die and The Technician, you can stalk him at Pretty Tattered Soul.

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