26 Sept 2019

We Are 138 #34 - A Jellied Eel

The Bricks and Mortar won’t have nothing to do with me. Says I’m a Paraffin Lamp, a Perpetual Loser. I think the final straw was when they found me passed out in the Field of Wheat, wet Callard and Bowsers round my Plates of Meat. Three Card Trick out for all to see.

The only one who sees that now is Annie, a One Time Looker. Not that we have Oedipus Rex, the booze put paid to that years ago. Annie’s an Elliot Ness herself, but she’s still working. She’s famous for her giant blonde Syrup of Figs and leaving her Bexley Heath on the side while she gets down to business. Since my Hampton Wick’s not working, we’ve done a Jellied Eel. For a fiver we talk a bit, then I get to squeeze her Thrupenny Bits.

Liz Newton is from the Midlands and recently started writing with the grandiose idea of hearing more of herself, instead she seems to be meeting others.

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