30 Sept 2019

We are 138 #36 - Crawl

So you crawl your way home and you know no one is watching. You feel dirty, low, and there is a baseline guilt, but it’s distant. Like a dull ache. If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you like what you’ve done. The girl was young and firm and you did all the things you no longer do with your wife. Things you no longer want to do.

When was the last time she touched you? What are you expected to do? You think of the girl. It’s already hazy. What was her name? Laura? Lauren? Who knows?

The alcohol is wearing off, the dawn chorus is striking up. Light touches the edge of the sky. You put the key in the lock and wonder if you’ve got away with it again. You wonder if she’d even care.

Andrew David Barker is a writer and filmmaker. He is currently crowdfundng his latest novel Mick & Sarah At The Pictures with Unbound 

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