3 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #39 - The Silvatici

Old Oak. Whispering Wood. Brittle leaf starched by sun, dying. Grass somnolent and trees stained with ichor. Ghosts, spirits, shades, haunt this place. Bones as root systems. Echoes as warnings half glimpsed from the corners of eyes.

Grass, trampled underfoot. The jingle and rustle of harnesses. Horses breath steaming in the morning. Neighs like frozen rocks cracking. Shifting. Twisting. Edgy. Half glimpsed ghosts of mist in cold eyes.

The silent malice of the old forest. Bloody. Malevolent. Howling. Silence only in the air, they know the legends.

Nerves, stretched. Tightened. Twisted. Cords like vines. Gods die down here and we are men.

From the dark with iron, steel and fire. From the dark with wood, bone and teeth.

Harrowing. Blood-soaked. Heads hacked and bodies burned. Souls, strewn like dandelion seeds.

Blood, and screams, and then silence.

For now.

Steven C. Davis is the shadowy figure behind the Silvatici, GASP radio and Raising Steam. In his spare time he eats, sleeps, and makes a damn fine chocolate cake.

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