4 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #40 - Chromatosis

When she brushed my shoulder,
For the very first time,
The world once in black and
White Changed,

It started off small,
Leaves on the trees as
Green as id never seen,
That was the first colour
You made me see.

The next time we touched…
We bumped into each other,
That was when the tree bark
Became burnt brown.

The next time we touched,
You held my hand,
Dragging me to see the
Glow of the stars.

That was the night…
The very first night…
Where I saw…
A glistening light.

This light wasn't just a tree
This light was the glow in
Your beautiful azure eyes
As my rough hazel ones
Met your soft loving ones
My dull world leapt to life


Pick a colour, and unlike before,
I can see it.

Gemma Hammonds is a student at Britain's worst school. She rebels against authority with deep sighs and eye-rolling.

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