8 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #42 - Specialist Subject - British Politics 2016-19

138 words? Crikey……… Tory division, Referendum, bright red bus, Project Fear. Once in a lifetime vote, we will honour and respect your choice, Leave or Remain. 17 million say ‘bring it on’. Bye bye Dave, no stomach for a fight? May is in, duty bound. Article 50, Withdrawal Agreement, EU deal is struck.

Vacillation, obfuscation, House of Fools a laughing stock. Soft, hard, good or bad, who really knows. Extension demanded again? Democracy counts for nought. May’s gone, three strikes and out.
Hello Boris!

Backstop and the Irish border, Juncker is a pain
Laura Kuenssberg, Robert Slovenly Peston.
Brexiteers, Little Englanders, Remainers, Remoaners,
A nation divided.
Bercow loves himself.


Dave thinks about it every day, so do we mate, got no choice!

Prorogation. Supreme Court, Ruled unlawful, Clock ticking. Here we go again.
Who knows where?

Alan Glover: Photographer, Artist, works with Historic processes. An occasional writer who likes to have a reason to write, and loves a challenge.

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