9 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #43 - It Could Happen Here

Molly visited Sebastian’s Tea Room in Harrogate. When Molly asked for a “sconn”, Sebastian laughed at her. “We don’t have “sconns” here, only “scones”, then picked Molly up and threw her out.

Molly started a campaign for “Proper Sconns for Proper Folk”, quickly countered by Sebastian’s “Scones for Better Homes” movement. Social media went wild. People took sides.
The BBC held a live debate. Molly gesticulated passionately. Sebastian was defiant. A riot broke out and blood was spilled on live TV.
There was violence on the streets. Bakeries were fire-bombed and stocks of flour and raisins looted. Inevitably the land slid into WAR! Thousands perished, cities were razed and Africa and Asia inundated with English refugees.

Nobody won. In the end, Molly and Sebastian fell in love, got married and opened a new Tea Room. It sold muffins. 

Phil Binding is a poet and writer gently sliding into decrepitude in Burton and a member of The Lichfield Poets. All Staffordshire like a rash at open mics.

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