2 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #46 - Self Defence

Melting into inky shadows, he waits. He watches the road, dimly lit by the yellowing street lamps.

He hears her approach. The unmistakable click clack of heels on the cobbles. His muscles tense. He holds his breath.

She comes into view. The silver shoulder chain glitters. An evening bag. Jackpot.

She passes by. He slips out silently behind her. Quickening his stride, he nudges against her as he overtakes. His fingers encircle the chain. He starts to run.

The chain yanks him back. She refuses to let go. He reaches to push her away. She deflects his arm. Stepping forward, her knee connects with his crotch.

Grasping his groin he sinks to his knees. His watering eyes are screwed shut as he keels over and lays his forehead on the damp paving.

He doesn't see her stride away.

Sue Hammonds is a busy mom. She doesn't write stories.

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