2 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #47 - the Ritual

The pain was like nothing he had ever endured. It wasn’t the volume of the agony, but more the fact that it radiated from the core of his being, as if every cell in his body had started to burn at the moment when the old man raised his hand.

“Tonight we welcome a bright new Brother!”

He looked past the coruscation taking place in in his flesh at the broad strokes of the Pentagram that had been laboriously drawn on the floor.

“It is his appointed hour to be brought before our Master, that his transformation may be completed.”

A susurration spread from mouth to mouth of the hooded figures that surrounded him, and they began a lilting, formless incantation.

The temple filled with a rank, hirquine odour as he felt the scalding breath on his back.

Rob Grimes is a fat, bald old man from the East Midlands who inflicts his writing on pretty much anyone who will stand still for long enough, his ‘Pangolin’ and ‘Edward Teach’ books are doing pretty well on Amazon currently thank you very much along with ‘Forever Girl’, his short story anthology. Currently working on his new novel, ‘Jaffward Moncreiffe and the Primary Problem’ an everyday story about Vegan Vampires and the Hunters who love them.

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