16 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #48 - Knicker Bocker Glory

Sticky fingers swoop upon chemical cream froth,
neon cherry dipping below as I dive headfirst,
gasping, plunging
to net my pearl as it swirls
in its sea of custard,
all without disturbing the cocktail from its shelter
in the curved bed of the glass.

I catch your half smile as you watch
through that comforting coil of
Silk Cut.

You may recall I never did much care for fruit, even from a tin.

Treat: Knickerbocker glory in the Wimpy Bar, then:
Top deck home, swinging on the descent of the stairs.
Sindy’s face pressing against the foggy pane, waving like the Queen.
“Remember to thank the driver”.

On the way home I pass over the hill,
You know - the one with the view you like so -

Pausing to greet you at the brow where we planted the daffs.

Samantha Dewally is a mixed media artist, part-time poet and advocate of Community creative arts who has recently emigrated from Staffordshire to the foothills of Snowdonia. This poem based on childhood memories of time well spent with my Grandmother, Irene.

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