17 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #49 - Modern Day Serial

You see it all started with an ordinary day like no other which soon descended into chaos. A bright beautiful summers day. The smell of fresh grass, washing on the lines, then the screaming started. Just one, then more. Loud blood curdling screams.

That's how I remember it anyway.

Watching them all scrambling to escape however they could, yelling “HELP!”

The blood, there was so much blood. You don't realise how fast it squirts out until you actually watch it. Then it was eerily quiet.

That's when I ran.

The thing is they never caught me. Newspapers have dubbed me the Garden Slasher. Let's see how many likes I can get on this Facebook status. Might post a few photos if I get 100 likes. Social media is really wonderful.

Coming to a garden near you REALLY soon.

Sometimes the things in my head escape onto paper. But most of the time the inane ramblings stay in a permanent state of suspension in my subconscious

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