28 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #54 - It Ain’t Exactly Romans 12.19 In ‘ere Mate

He hurried into the shower, soon steam surrounded him as he wallowed in his misery.

He replayed in his head the looks on the juror’s faces as his sentence was passed, eight years!

Could he survive eight years in here? He seemed to have been imprisoned half a lifetime already, from the endless trial in the court to the slow journey to prison.

Then yet more waiting under the bored gazes of the guards until he was processed and led into this cellblock.

It was so unfair! He hadn’t hurt anyone, yet here he was incarcerated, stupid lawyers, they’d cleaned out his savings but he’d still got prison.

A sharp pain in his kidneys, he fell into his own swirling blood as a voice snarled “Kiddy fiddler eh? We know how to deal with your sort in here”

Danny McGuinness has worked in coal mines, power stations and nuclear fuel reprocessing. He’s been interested in writing for years but was limited to technical documents, now retired he regularly enters writing challenges in SFF Chronicles and is an avid reader of the genre

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