29 Oct 2019

We Are 138 #55 - The Runaway

With her hand in her coat pocket, she could feel the waxy card against her probing fingertips. The conductor’s ticket machine had coughed up the orange striped slip of cardboard, edges scorn into jagged square teeth from the rip of the reel. Sat in the unfamiliar empty carriage, the pale image of her face reflected off blackness of the night outside. The block letters spelling out the details of her journey seemed anti-climactic, as though if one were running away from home the ticket should have the outbound destination printed in capitals and perhaps topped off with an exclamation mark. She nervously tore at a tag of skin on the side of her thumb nail with her front teeth. As the clack of metal rail slowed she steeled herself for the cold of open doors, and the unknown.

Scarlett Ward is Cannock Library’s Poet in Residence. She released her first poetry collection “Ache” with Verve Press in 2019 and was nominated for “Best Spoken Word Poet” by Saboteur awards.

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