30 Oct 2019

We Are 138 # 56 - 138 Days Of Love

Take my heart Form it into you
I will lose myself between your hidden lines
find comfort in your words
I know this is love,

Just because you don't yet?
I watched you from afar
Felt those pains when you abandoned me.
Placed my metaphors on the page...
You're mine.
You're mine!
Even though you don't know yet!
Please don't sit so sultry,
With that boy by your side!
He is just a pale imitator!
Of my possessive mind, my deviance
This is love!!
Even if you don't know yet!
the police will not take you away
The court case screen all I need.
I will sit in my cell,
To plan the next love letter.
Your next romantic gift,
To create fantasy when you'll be mine

Yours in obsession and forever
The guy from across the street,

Craig Wallis is the okay poet from a small city. Writing to a computer screen for sixteen years.

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