4 Nov 2019

We Are 138 #59 - Age Old Problem

It’s all gone too fast, first breath to inevitable last,
Failing vision still views clearly, memories of times long passed,
Forgetfulness replaces guilty feelings, remorse a shadowy stranger,
Living long and sad days, mind stressed but still free to be calm,
I plot my demise secretly, only I know the what, when, where and how,
Suicide by old age, no bullet fast death, only time from then to now.
Each and every step watched over by a ticking grandfather clock,
The day soon comes when my heart decides it’s to finally stop.
Do not mourn my death, do not remember my life,
Memories fade to black, suicide isn’t painless,
Time passes whether I’m here or not,
From birth to death most of us are barely alive,
And in a single moment each and every one of us,

Alan Wilkinson is a writer of dark poetry and occasional children’s books (not as dark but quite surreal). I’ve been writing for a long time and was first published in 1987 and I just go on and on and on...

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