5 Nov 2019

We Are 138 #60 - Selling England By The Pound

You can imagine it, can’t you? Easy as blinking. You know how it would unroll, because you’ve seen it countless times before. The faux disbelief. The mounting sense of outrage. The doorstepping, the banner headlines, the scapegoating. Oh, the lead characters change, as a fresh victim finds themselves in the crosshairs of the loaded media gun, but the roles? They’re the same. Always have been, always will.

Yet here we are, experts after the fact, in the comfort of our armchairs, looking for someone to blame. Tutting that someone should have taken charge, abandoned the ‘stay put’ policy, have made that decision to move families out from flats into choking stairwells thick with smoke.
And how would the media react when someone took that decision, and people still died?
You can imagine it, can’t you? Easy as blinking.

Steve Pottinger was told he’d get less angry as he got older. He hasn’t.

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