6 Nov 2019

We Are 138 #61 - Awareness

Treat yourself.
Treat as is-

another excuse.
Stay clothed,
wrapped in bloody cellophane
Treat as if
its existence prevents risk.
Abstain from “risqué”-
taking pleasantries in vain
Fight the urge-
say you did.
Appease the itch-
Forge relief.
Prod with syllables//tongs.
Widen with intent.
Does awareness
a wound,
rather than injury?
Malicious or not.
if the blisters lacing skin dissipate
you'll find another excuse to cloak.
Drink enough to blend at the party,
but not draw attention.
Cotton wisps blanket the sun,
who still manages through,
too vibrant to ignore.
Wincing in pain,
you can't say the same.
The sky appears.
You shut the blinds.
Lock the door.
You cannot medicate//evade
oxygen feeding open flames
with your hands on the burner.
Retract from the heat.

Seek contentment;
comfort in the hearth
beyond familiarity.

My name is Nickolas Erickson. I'm a full-time musician, and also an aspiring writer/poet from southern Kentucky currently residing in Louisville.

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