7 Nov 2019

We Are 138 #62 - Franken Daddy

Bree was a bright girl, lived in the libraries of her school and city, spent all of her spare time in books. Books written by exceptional women. Her favourite so far was Mary Shelley.

She had one woman in her life who was far from exceptional - her mother.
Bree never had a father, so following her latest literary conquest's footsteps decided to make one, but she would be a far less horrid creator than Victor Frankenstein.

She knew what her dream dad should be like, what he should look like, what he should smell like, she had even studied up on how to stick all the pieces together. There were just two things holding her back: how do I gather the right parts, and, how to make them work? Hmm, electricity, or some kinda voodoo? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Alys Daddi is soon going to be making her publishing debut with "The Little Exorcist," coming soon from Burdizzo Books. She is a river-dwelling hermit who's only friends are animals and the small people who still believe in imps and fairies.

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