8 Nov 2019

We Are 138 #63 - Dinner And Tea

I’m a Northern Manc and I don't eat lunch
I’ve never sat down to a Sunday brunch
Why the change? Just a hunch
A thing called class that packs a punch

When I went to school it was always dinner.
A different name hasn’t made me thinner.
Free school meals, branded “sinner”
Seconds of pudding, always a winner.

I get home from work and I eat my tea
Not a cup and saucer and a cake at three.
Television, plate on knee
Some say crude, but for me it's twee.

The meals I eat have Manchester names.
Tall and proud we stake our claim
Resist the urge, stay the same
Reject, stave off this Southern shame.

All this talk of dinner and tea,
cups and saucers, plates on knee.
Lunch and brunch a grand soiree.
Now I’m hungry.

Audrey Slater is Mancunian born and bred. She works in Mental Health, committed to seeing the person, not the illness.

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