13 Nov 2019

We Are 138 #64 - Reply

Den Jenkins replied to your comment
Den Jenkins rubbish, hes the only one talking sense
You He’s belittling the achievements of those women….he wouldn’t do that if it was a man he was stood next to.
Den Jenkins you didn't say that this morning
You What are you talking about????
Den Jenkins watching him on youtube
You And HOW do you claim to know what I’ve been watching?
Den Jenkins in your pink dressing gown, black coffee - blue mug
You I’m calling the police right now.
Den Jenkins he reminds you of J… that smile, why you watch
Den Jenkins wondering if his new girl hugs him from behind at the kitchen sink
Den Jenkins if she makes him tea how he likes
Den Jenkins what perfume she wears
Den Jenkins if it reminds him of you

Cherry Doyle is a Staffordshire-based writer and Business Analyst who likes animals and dislikes olives.

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